A Trusted Community for Wine Enthusiasts, Collectors, and Those Eager to Discover New Wines

At DeVyne, we take pride in curating extraordinary wines and spirits exclusively for the most discerning tastes. Our members enjoy access to hand-selected offerings, perfect for collectors or those seeking exceptional sips.

Guided by Expertise

Sazan envisions redefining the essence of belonging to a wine club. With almost two decades of expertise as a Head Sommelier and Wine Buyer for esteemed establishments like Michelin-starred restaurants, boutique hotels, and private members’ clubs—including La Trota, Uliassi, Royal Automobile Club, The Wisley Golf Club, and Sorrel restaurant—he brings a wealth of experience. Sazan understands what it takes to build a genuine collective—a community united by shared passions and an appreciation for beautiful things. Explore the privileges of an exclusive club featuring rare fine wines, spirits, and collectibles.

Contemporary Craftsmen

We’re on a mission to transform the wine industry. More than just a wine club, we are artisans set to revolutionise the market.

Exploring forgotten vintages to curating future classics

At DeVyne, discover exclusive access to fine and rare wines and spirits from both the old and new world. With a history spanning thousands of years, wine remains an enduring delight. Whether you’re an enthusiast, collector, or simply looking to savour exceptional wines and connect with like-minded individuals, come and explore the world of DeVyne.


Explore Our Exclusive Collection and Embark on Prestigious Experiences with DeVyne

Unlock Unparalleled Membership Experiences: Gain Exclusive Access to Private Vineyard Tours, Elite Venues, and Coveted Restaurants.

Exclusive Member Privileges

Exquisite Wines Tailored for You. Experience the exclusivity of our bespoke wine club, where memberships are limited and personalised to meet your unique preferences. Enjoy the perks of an exclusive club without the wait – no commission markups or fees. Cheers to fine wines and exceptional company!


our Brand Ambassador Julian Kirk

If you don’t know him already, we proudly introduce, Julian Kirk. Julian boasts an illustrious and well respected career ranging from starting an international wine import-export company, to founding a wine investment fund, to serving as UK agent for a number of prolific estates and producers selling both on and off trade, to independently consulting, to joining forces with Nyetimber as Head of Sales and Brand Ambassador, to holding both parts of the Wine and Spirit Diploma – their highest qualification, being accepted onto the MOW study programme winning the AXA Millésimes Scholarship, all the way to currently studying the Master of Wine qualification.

“After starting a more academic career at Lloyds of London, it took just short of a decade to turn to my real passion – wine. My father was a wine lover and a bottle of his 1961 Hermitage la Chapelle turned my head completely at the age of 17.”  “I am delighted to be working with DeVyne with our new concept in wine ownership and look forward to looking after our members in the coming years.”

Our Story

"Beyond a club, an expression of life's true enjoyment."

Sazan Allija - Co-founder / Director