Exploring the Rich Legacy of whiskey From Its Origins

American whiskey, the drink of choice for Americans since the beginning of time, and bourbon has accompanied Americans through many periods of history of war, triumph, and prohibition. Whiskey has endured and added character to America’s history. in 1791, Virginia began brewing rye-based whiskey. American whiskey evolved into two brands: sour mash and bourbon. Sour Mash remained true to its Tennessee roots. Between 1922 and 1933, Prohibition banned the production of all alcoholic beverages and allowed only medically prescribed consumption.

Small Batch Rye Whiskey - 55% ABV.


Old Kentucky Straight Bourbon - 58.1% ABV.


Small Batch Bourbon - 50% ABV.

Colonel E.H. Taylor

"American whiskey or Bourbon with its tasting notes of spice, smoke, oak a unique masterpiece"

Sazan Allija - Co-Founder / Director