Exploring the Rich Legacy of whiskey From Its Origins

From 1500, when Dutch settlers arrived in France and bought a lot of wine, but had difficulty keeping their wine drinkable on the way back, they decided to distil it. Wine merchants came up with the idea of double distilling the wine to achieve high strength and, most importantly, to preserve the taste during transport on ships. In 1715, Cognac Martell was founded by Jean Martell and enjoyed great popularity in the United Kingdom, but because of smuggling, the French government decided to send only bottles and no more barrels. In 2001, Cognac experienced an explosion in sales from the Japanese market to the United States. Today, despite many obstacles, Cognac has managed to maintain its luxury status.



L'Esprit de Courvoisier Lalique - 42% ABV.


Le Printemps Lalique - 41% ABV.


"A luxurious brandy, symbol of elegance and sophistication. rich, velvety, warm and elegant craft."

Sazan Allija - Co-Founder / Director